Curriculum At a Glance

  • State-approved curriculum; meets or exceeds Florida State Standards
  • Curriculum is enhanced with KidoKinetics, Music, Art, French & Mandarin
  • Children work cooperatively in small groups
  • Maximum class size: 18
  • Primary language: English. (Children are also taught Spanish and introduced to other important languages.)
K-12 McKay Scholarship

Offering Kindergarten 
(Fall 2015-2016)

K Step Up Program

Cherry Blossom integrates the Competency Based Curriculum

Our learning programs begin for toddlers and continue to grade school. Cherry Blossom Learning Center incorporates the Creative Curriculum. For more information on the Creative Curriculum:

Any preschool can help a child learn letters, numbers, or shapes. At Cherry Blossom, we help children learn how to learn. Our curriculum emerges from the child's interest and through experiential learning. We encourage every child to ask "why?" and discover the answers for themselves.

CBLC's Curriculum is presented to children in eight learning centers in all classrooms for children from 1 to 5 years old. Children work cooperatively in small groups to reach developmental milestones and school readiness through exploring, experimenting, and repetition.

Teachers and staff at CBLC meet to insure a proper curriculum delivery to all children.

Baby's first year is an exciting time with lots of exploration and discovery. Research shows experiences that involve sensory and motor investigations and engage infants in social interactions build brain connections.

Creative Arts
Teaches your child texture, color, design, and motor control.

Library and Language
Experiences enhance oral communication, listening skills and self-control. Literacy and early reading skills start here.

Math and Manipulative
Helps your child learn about number concepts, problem solving, order, serializing and coordination.

Sensory Wet and Dry
Allows children to experience mixture, touch, consistency, measurement, volume, and enhances math and science experiences.

Block Building
Teaches your child about shape, dimension, size, construction, balance and cooperation.

Music and Movement
Helps your child experience creativity, patterns, melody, as well as builds large motor skills.

Science and Discovery
Is all about weights, plants, pets, magnets, measurements, and the world around us.

Dramatic Play
Is all about the world of pretend, self-identifications, family and community.

ECHOS - Early Childhood Hands-On Science
Now introducing the ECHOS Program: Funded by the US Department of Education to promote Early Science Curriculum & Mathematics.

All locations include the following enrichment activities, but hours and days vary with locations. Please call for more information.

Soccer Classes
Supper Soccer Stars
2-3 years old: Monday from 3:50pm-4:30pm
4-5 years old: Thursday from 3:00pm-3:50pm
For more info:

Livtennis Miami 3-5 years old: Wenesdays



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